School Information

School Information

Grades Served: 7-8

Grading Scale: View grading scale here

School Hours: 9:15 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Bell Schedule: The Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center is on a BLOCK 8 schedule.  Students rotate through 8 classes over a two-day period.  Days are designated as EVEN or ODD days.  Students progress through periods 2-4-6-8 on EVEN days and periods 1-3-5-7 on ODD days.  Class periods are approximately 80 minutes in length. Students attend their AIM class daily.  Passing periods are 5 minutes in length. View regular bell schedule here

Office Hours: 7:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Principal: Mr. Mark
Assistant Principal: Mr. Kline, 7th grade teams (Greyhounds, Jaguars, Tigers Cardinals 7th grade)
Assistant Principal: Ms. Keller, 8th grade teams (Bulldogs, Grizzlies, Panthers, Cardinals 8th grade)

Kyndal Mitchell (Head Guidance Counselor/Cardinal Team Counselor)
Josh Cockerham (Lower Guidance Counselor/ 7th Grade)
Cherie Sanders (Upper Guidance Counselor/ 8th Grade)

Location: Corner of 10th and Girls School Road. It is located slightly south of Ben Davis High School.

Mission Statement: Chapel Hill Center embraces our deliciously diverse community of Wayne Township in a culture of respect, with a rigorous academic focus, and a commitment to prepare our adolescents for college & careers

Mascot: Giants

School Colors: Purple and White

Motto: “Work Hard and Do The Right Thing!”

Student/Parent Handbook: 2019-2020 Handbook

Staff: 80 teachers, (included in that number: music, media specialist, physical education, art, and counselors), assistants/paraprofessionals, nurse, secretaries, cooks, and custodians.

School Enrollment: As of 2018-19 – 1,301 students enrolled

Honors/Awards: Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center has been recognized for numerous awards in Band/ Choir and Athletics. Recognized for 10 years of Caring and Sharing with Riley Hospital.

Student Activities: Athletic Teams, Intramural’s, Non-athletic Activities

Community Involvement: Community businesses partners for various school activities. Active Parenting, PTO, Human Relations Advisory Council.

Facility: Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center opened in August 2008 replacing the former Fulton Junior High building.

Early Entry: Students are expected to arrive no earlier than 8:15 a.m. If the temperature is 32° or lower, students may enter the cafeteria. However, they must bring an Accelerated Reader book to read or other work to do.

Media Center Hours: The Media Center is open school hours, 8:30-4pm, daily. Students may visit during AIM, lunch or with their Language Arts teachers every two weeks.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Significant research shows that students who are involved in extra-curricular activities outside the regular school day have a higher rate of academic success. This is something that is highly encouraged throughout Wayne Township Schools and here at the Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center.

Student Activities fall into two main categories:

Athletic Teams- Football, Tennis, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming, Diving, Baseball, Softball, Golf (Township Team), Soccer (Township Team), and Track and Field

Intramural’sAthletic activities: Weight Training.
Non-Athletic Activities – Spell Bowl, National Junior Honor Society, Student Ambassadors, Academic Pursuit, Destination Imagination, Art Club, Ultimate Frisbee, and Connected Giants.

All intramural activities are at the discretion of staff sponsorship. It is a privilege to participate in extra-curricular activities.