Athletic Ticket Sales Information

Ticket Sales

Ticket money is collected to assist with the cost of operating an athletic contest. Event officials, staff, and general athletic budget needs.

When Event Admission is Charged

Fall: Football, volleyball, Soccer
Winter: Boys & Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming/Diving
Spring: Baseball, Softball, Track & Field
*During all Saturday tournament and invitational events.

Adults, Visitors, & Families

All visitors will purchase a ticket at the gate/table when you arrive at an event.

Chapel Hill Students

A CHC Lanyard and ID is required at all times throughout the event.

All CHC students must purchase a ticket during the lunch hours for: Football, Boys & Girls Basketball, Track & Field.

When school dismisses for the day students attending the events listed above must enter the cafeteria or gym(s). If a student leaves the building they will not be allowed to enter an athletic contest. Failure to follow any of the attendance procedures will result in a loss of attendance privileges. If a student wants to purchase a ticket at the gate a parent/guardian must accompany them and purchase a ticket as well.

Events other than those requiring a lunch purchase.
Students can purchase a ticket at the respective venue and enter with a valid CHC lanyard & ID.

The CHC student code of conduct is required to be followed at all times throughout an athletic contest. Failure to follow
these procedures will result in a loss of attendance privileges.

All fans are expected to act with the proper respect during the National Anthem and show positive sportsmanship towards the players, officials, coaches, and staff.

Students are not allowed to exit and return to an event. (No pass outs)

A student must have a ride home immediately following the events completion.

Admission Prices

Student/Senior (55+): $3

Adult: $5

Family (Immediate): $13

We offer a purple pride discount of $1/ticket for a purple shirt.

All Sport passes $50 (1 person)

We can only accept CHC passes.